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Introducing Gaine-san:Woodwind and string musician Gaine-san

Gaine-san is a renowned musical instrument craftsman and professional musician of ancient string and woodwind instruments. His most popular CD, A Lotus Flower, combines the harmonies of his music and the sounds of nature. lotus_flowerGaine-san will guide the making of a woodwind instrument and demonstrate how to play several string and woodwind instruments crafted at his workshop. He may also share some philosophy on life and dreams.

Tell us something about yourself.

My name ga’-ee-né is from a Nepalese word that refers to people who make and play musical instruments. This name aptly reflects what I do. I produce and perform music with instruments that I craft by hand. I make a variety of string, woodwind, and percussion instruments. My main focuses are on the Native American flute ( and the Nepalese sarangi ( For the past several years, I have been concentrating on blending my music with the sounds of nature. I strive for a creative co-existence of my music and the mysterious wave-like modulations of nature.

What is something special that you like about Fujino?

I came to Fujino from Tokyo in 1998 to raise my children in an abundance of nature and to give myself an inspirational environment conducive to crafting instruments. What I came to appreciate are the rich interpersonal relationships within the Fujino community that mirror our abundant nature.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Fujino is a place where you can truly relax. All you need to bring with you is an open heart and a receptiveness to enjoy life ♪


I primarily show people how to make Native American flutes, but on special request I can also prepare shorter workshops to make whistles or side-blown bamboo flues, or longer workshops to make string instruments like the lyre.

The woodwork crafting of a flute may seem daunting, but I developed a way that even a beginner can build a gorgeous flute with confidence. Please see the details on my flute making workshop page.


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