Kaleidoscope workshop

hiryu profileThe first reaction to Hiryū-san’s kaleidoscopes is, “WOW!” They blend quality, elegance, and a dreamy mesmerizing visual flow. Hiryū-san created a way for beginners to build a professional quality kaleidoscopes that they will treasure.

Workshop instructor: Hiryū-san

Workshop duration: 1 day, 10:30-17:00

What you need to bring: nothing

What is provided: materials and tools

Preparation: select one of these three mirror configurations (Type A, B, or C) in advance of workshop date:

hiryu_mirror_1 Type A

hiryu_mirror_2 Type B

hiryu_mirror_3 Type C


Workshop outline:

Select the mirror configuration in advance of workshop date.

Introduction to kaleidoscopeskaleidoscope3

Receive from Hiryū-san the kaleidoscope barrel with your pre-selected mirror configuration

Instruction and warnings on equipment use

Make the body of the kaleidoscope

Make the object chamber

Complete the exterior

Have fun looking at everyone’s creation



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