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Introducing ryoko-sanRyōko-san:

Ryōko-san is a massage therapist with certifications in esthetic massage, osteopathy, and chiropractic massage. She moved from her hometown in Ibaraki Prefecture to Tokyo to study and practice massage therapy. After developing her skills for a decade, she opened her own therapeutic practice and instructed at a vocational school. The constant stress, air pollution, and noise of Tokyo city life, however, resulted in her own health decline. Ryōko-san questioned the ethics of providing therapeutic services when she herself was unwell. She sought a change to restore her own health to be of proper service to others.

Ryōko-san gave up her teaching position and private practice to come to Fujino in 2012. “I was pregnant with my daughter, and my husband and I wanted a healthier environment for ourselves and our newborn child.” Ryōko-san recalls that in Tokyo she had to work long hours to afford rent and food. With the city rush and stress, she doesn’t remember looking at the sky. In Fujino, she watches the sun rise and set, and she sees a sky full of stars at night. She knows the farmers who grow the pesticide-free fruit and vegetables she consumes. She breaths clean air, and she bathes at the local hot springs. Ryōko-san is at peace in Fujino, grateful for her own restored health and knowing that she is providing her daughter an optimal environment.

Today, Ryōko-san combines her various training into a blended massage style that considers anatomy, body mechanics, bone positioning, deep tissue tension, and relaxation. “We each have a dominant side, for example right-handedness or left-handedness, that habituates our movements. Habits over time cause imbalance.” Her focus is to restore the natural position of the body.

Tell us something about coniwa_signyourself.

I started massage from an early age of 6 to relieve my grandmother’s shoulder pain. I considered other professions during my teenage years, but I was always drawn back to my enjoyment of massage. I have fond memories of my grandmother’s gratitude for rubbing her shoulders, and a little bit of that memory carries forward into the appreciation I see on the faces of my clients after therapy.

Today I am grateful to live in a healthy Fujino environment with clean air, pesticide-free vegetables, and beautiful scenery while I continue to practice my own form of massage therapy that I love.

What is something special that you like about Fujino?


I come from a small village in Ibaraki Prefecture where locals are suspicious and closed to newcomers. Although Fujino is small like my hometown, the people in Fujino are open, inviting, and caring. On my first visit to Fujino with my husband, many local people helped us look for a place to live. One man even offered us to stay at one of his vacant houses until we could find a place of our own. I was completely shocked by their hospitality and concern when they didn’t even know us. The people of Fujino make Fujino a really special place.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

The air in Fujino is fresh and sweet. Whenever I need to travel into Tokyo for the day, I notice the clean Fujino air when I return. Deep breathing of clean air relaxes and rejuvenates the body. Deep breathing of dirty air constricts the body and leads to disease. I wish everyone to have the chance to spend some time in Fujino to take relaxed deep breaths of our fresh and sweet air.


I am happy to provide professional massage therapy in the privacy of your Fujino Life accommodation. My price list is in the Fujino Life Guestbook at your accommodation.


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