Access to Fujino

Fujino Life is at JR Fujino Station, approximately 80 minutes from Tokyo Station.


Download a JR train map of the Chuo Line [Rapid Service] here.
Download a full JR train map of Greater Tokyo here.


Fujino Station is an easy direct access from Tokyo on the JR Chūō Line (the orange train). The JR Chūō Line starts from Tokyo Station and travels westbound. You can take any of the orange JR Chūō Line trains: the regular speed "Rapid", the commute time faster "Commuter Rapid", the even faster "Chūō Special Rapid", and the fastest "Commuter Special Rapid". The only orange JR Chūō train that diverges north away from Fujino, and that you should not take, is the "Ōme Special Rapid".

If the JR Chūō train you are riding terminates at Takao Station, please transfer to the next train continuing westbound. Fujino Station is 2 stops beyond Takao Station.

Train doors do not open automatically beyond Takao Station. There are two buttons at the side of the train door. Press the green button to open the train door.

We will arrange to have a car to pick you up from the station with your confirmed reservation. We are about 5 minutes drive from Fujino Station and will pick you up immediately.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional details about taking the train to Fujino Station.


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