Transition Town Fujino 1-Day Tourintro

Fujino is the first Transition Town in Japan. The mission of Transition Town Fujino is to bring together people who have common interest in social cohesion, environmental sustainability, and economic development. People discuss current needs and launch initiatives that improve community resilience, sustainable resource use, and local economy. Transition movements fuel the forward-looking, creative, and collaborative Fujino culture.

Video interview of Transition Town Fujino founder Mr. Hide Enomoto

The current Working Groups of Transition Town Fujino are:solar

Fujino Electric Power Company (solar electricity for residences and electrical charge stations for electrical cars and bicycles, solar cookers, firewood heaters)

Yorozu (local currency system and community communication channel)

Agriculture (seed bank, compost, free-range community chicken raising)

Forestry (forest thinning, water flow maintenance, landslide prevention, water purity preservation, community water supply)

Work and Economy (community support to launch new businesses and generate local employment)

Health and Aging (medical practitioners in Fujino planning ways to better care for the greying population).

Workshop instructor: Mikae-san

Workshop duration: 1 day 10:00-17:00

What you need to bring: comfortable walking shoes

What is provided: Transition Town Fujino overview and visits to various Transition activities

Workshop outline:

Introduction to the global Transition Town movement

Overview of Transition Town Fujino Working Groups

Visits to select community activities in progress


forest chicken yorozu


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