Native American Flute workshop (1 or 2 days)

The music of a hand-made Native American flute resonates with the sounds of nature. This is because of the vacillating warble from harmonization between the separate sound chamber and slow-air chamber in the flute construction.  From decades of flute-making experience, Gaine-san devised a method to enable beginners to carve a gorgeous flute with confidence. Please note that a shorter 1-day workshop to make a Japanese bamboo size-blown flute is available on special request.

Workshop instructor: Gaine-san

Workshop duration: 2 days, 10:00-17:00

What you need to bring: nothing

What is provided: materials and tools

Workshop outline:flute3.JPG

Day 1

Overview of the flute

Select the flute size to make

Wood chiseling, primarily the inner air flow

Making the attachment parts

Day 2

Crafting the exterior body of the flute

Measure and drill the finger holes while tuningflute1

Exterior glazing

Admire and play your hand-crafted flute

flute6 flute2 flute5 flute7

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