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About Fujino

Fujino in Kanagawa Japan is home to people living their dream.These forward-looking, proactive, collaborative, and environmentally caring people shape a unique Fujino culture of resourcefulness, trust, and acceptance.

The mission of Fujino Life is to make the Fujino experience accessible to you. We solve language barriers, minimal public transportation and accommodation in Fujino, and lack of consolidated Fujino event information that is often communicated locally through word-of-mouth.

Come see what Fujino is all about.

How it works

Number of guests : 4-7 intimate, flexible, personalized

Typical stay : 5-10 days

Uniqueness : authentic and unblemished by commercialism

Accessibility : we help you with any language, cultural, and logistical needs

Cost : JPY 30,000 per person (12 years and above) per day, all inclusive*

Elementary school age : JPY 15,000 per day.

Infants & preschool : free.

* Inclusive of local transportation, local housing, meals, activity arrangements and fees, hot springs, translation, and government taxes; Exclusive of beverages, personal gifts or snacks, massage or other therapy, and transportation coming to and leaving from Fujino train station.


Every month has something special awaiting you in Fujino. Winter outdoor hot springs surrounded by snow, April cherry blossoms, May sheep sheering, spring / summer / fall vegetable harvests and community festivals, October autumn leaves and chestnuts, and November citrus fruits and persimmons.

Fujino Life is at JR Fujino Station, approximately 80 minutes from Tokyo Station.

For bookings, contact Fujino Life at

Email: fujinolife@gmail.com


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