The faces of Fujino

Introducing tsukamoto-sanTsukamoto-san:

Tsukamoto-san is a multi-talented craftsman, fashion accessory designer, and chef. His primary passion is cooking seasonal dishes. He worked as a chef in Japan for 5 years and in Holland for 5 years. Tsukamoto-san offers Fujino Life guests a seasonal culinary experience starting with the harvesting of organic produce and finishing with the enjoyment of a healthy and delicious meal while talking about sustainable nourishment from the earth.

Like most Fujino residents, Tsukamoto-san prioritizes pesticide-free ingredients and chemical-free food preparation. Sadly, much of the food we find at our supermarkets uses genetically modified seeds, toxins, hormones, coloring, and preservatives to make the food appear perfect and protect corporate profits at the cost of our health. If we expand our considerations about ecology and global sustainability, we should remember the energy use and pollution caused by transporting produce from afar. For these reasons, many Fujino residents grow their own fruits and vegetables to feed the local community. Tsukamoto-san values the use of ingredients in harmony with the seasonality of vegetable harvesting. “The supermarket stocks perfectly shaped vegetables year round by contracting with farms that spray pesticides and transport from afar. Gains in appearance and quantity have repercussions of consuming toxins, air pollution, and compromised flavor. I question whether companies and consumers are making the best choices for health and happiness.”

“I came to Fujino to be closer to the natural growth cycle and to eat more in tune with nature. I want visitors to Fujino to experience the true flavors of vegetables. The natural flavors without the use of pesticides are much more delicious, even if the appearances of the vegetables are imperfect. Imperfection is natural, more interesting, and more flavorful, and therefore more enjoyable in my life. True flavor is my priority.”

When Tsukamoto-san’s wife was pregnant with their first child, the couple made a conscious decision to move from Tokyo to Fujino in 2012. The impending birth of their child made Tsukamoto-san more aware of how he could improve his family’s environment. He wanted his child to know the true flavor of food and to know that you can build a lifestyle that is grounded in nature.

Tell us something about yourself.

I loved to make things since childhood. At a schoolboy, I made fashion accessories to sell along the road. I have always enjoyed making things that others can appreciate. I put this act of giving into my cuisine.

What is something special that you like about Fujino?

Before coming to Fujino, I visited close to 20 countries. Although many places have their special traits, I was overwhelmingly attracted to the nature and the people of Fujino. Fujino people respect and love our nature. They preserve nature and replenish nature to have a sustainable life with nature.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I hope you have the chance to see how people in Fujino work together. Many people in Fujino helped me when I first came to Fujino even before they knew me. May you receive similar hospitality when you visit.


I would like to share with you my passion for fresh, flavorful, and seasonal cooking. I will take you to an organic farm where you pick your own vegetables to use in my private Japanese cooking class. Holistic nourishment is physical consumption of healthy food, mental knowledge that the food is safe, emotional happiness about what you are eating, and psychological assurance that you are caring for yourself optimally. Please join me for my nourishment workshop.


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