The faces of Fujino

Introducing Tsū-san:

Tsū-san is a percussion musician and professional instructor of Taiko ( He brings together self, culture, and expression in the rhythm and crescendos of his Taiko drumming.

The freedom in nature and the open-mindedness of the local artisan community drew Tsū-san to Fujino in 2011. “Fujino suits my love of Taiko drumming.” Tsū-san bought land in the hamlet of Tsunago and built two structures with local lumber: his residence and an adjacent specialized Taiko music studio. In addition to Taiko drumming, Tsū-san instructs hand-made soba noodle making and smoked meat/egg making. Tsū-san confides that the quality of life and the variety of interesting people in Fujino inspires new interests that he wants to try.

What is something special that you like about Fujino?

Many aspects of Fujino are dear to me. If I need to select only a few things, I would say they are the people and food. Fujino has a high proportion of people who think flexibly. Many of the residents made a personal growth transition from a routine urban life to a self-directed life following their passions. This is why the people of Fujino tend to be more receptive to new ideas and uniqueness relative to a majority of Japanese society. People in Fujino contribute diverse talents to collaborate on projects. This cooperative mindset brings the community closer together. I think the people make Fujino a special place to live.

The food quality in Fujino is high. Many residents and restaurant owners grow their own organic and pesticide-free ingredients. We get our eggs from free-range chickens jointly raised by local residents. The excellent food in Fujino inspires me to set high standards for the food I prepare and serve.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Being an artisanal town, I think you will enjoy viewing the variety of artwork from small handcrafted objects to huge outdoor monuments. However, because people in Fujino are generally open and social, I think that meeting and talking with the local artists would make your experience even more fun.


Please come experience Fujino and join me at my Taiko studio.

I can teach you how to make soba noodles from buckwheat flour. You can make your own noodles in the morning and eat them for lunch. Please see the details on my soba workshop page.

I instruct Taiko drumming. Come experience the rumble of the drums while I teach you cadence, strength, body posture, and relaxation techniques. Please see the details on my Taiko workshop page.


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