What makes a viable and sustainable community? It's the attitude of the residents.

The dominant traits of Fujino residents are collaborative, inventive, creative, and inclusive. Fujino has an intangible attractiveness that has been drawing artists and musicians for decades. The Steiner School (http://www.steiner.ed.jp) relocated from Tokyo to Fujino 10 years ago, bringing in more families with entrepreneurial, ecological, and collaborative mindsets. Fujino is the first Transition Town in Japan (http://ourworld.unu.edu/en/transition-fujino-prospects-for-a-better-future) with barter system, solar energy company, forest preservation, organic farming, community-based free range chicken raising, and other community collaborations. Fujino is home of the Permaculture Center of Japan (http://www.cultureofpermaculture.org/blog/2009/10/seeds-of-change-in-japan/), and many Fujino residents have training in permaculture methods. The artists and musicians continue to thrive in Fujino. Many of these people host workshops where participants have a chance to talk to Fujino residents about qualities of life and build interpersonal relationships while experiencing artisanal and cultural activities. The residents make a vibrant, interesting, sustainable, and resilient community.

Please come experience the spirit of Fujino.

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